BCIC Swiss GmbH

BCIC Swiss provide global IT Services, Support, Solutions and Resource for all kinds of Businesses, Offices, Shops, or any workplaces that allows to build an efficient IT Infrastructure. We provide A to Z support and service when it come to IT , App and web development, Digital marketing, SEO, All kind of Installation , Security , Network and IT Logistics.

BCIC Swiss GmbH Global Presence

BCIC Swiss is a registered company with local Management in Switzerland (HQ) Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic , Italy, Portugal and France. With our own payroll support we can cover all 26 country in Europe legal entry with local contract and payroll support! More than 300+ tickets are raising from this region every month and 150+ engineers are working under direct our payroll/contract as Full-time , Part-time and Dispatch position.

Bcic Swiss GmbH Mission /Goal

BCIC Swiss also offer and provide highly educated and experienced engineers and recourses to our potential client

around the world which across all technologies, worldwide, for both permanent, dispatch and contract positions. BCIC Swiss have an experienced Head-Hunter Team who have handful of recourses all over the world and can onboard immediately as per request. With 12 member of management, 30+ recruiter , 10+ developer , 12 company car , 5000m2 office and storage space all over Europe we are a well-known trust name in Europe . BCIC Swiss can offer you immediate support with Swiss quality guaranty ! Most of the big city's in Europe our service SLA is minimum 2 hour ! We are offering 24/7-365-day support.

The optimal mix for more flexibility

BCIC Swiss is a trusted well-known local and global IT service and recruiting company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company is established in 2019 by a group of IT engineers who bring their 20+ years of experience to make IT simple.

In a very dynamic environment, we currently employ around 300 permanent employees and, depending on the project situation, additional specialists.

The right human resources are a fundamental factor for the success of a company. The optimal mix of permanently available resources and temporary reinforcements is an essential step towards more flexibility.

Target Market - Total IT Solution

  • Legends: 

  •   Onsite Support Level 1-5
  •   Hardware Maintenance& Logistics
  •   Developing /Application/Digital Marketing
  •   Staffing /Resource Providing
  •   Datacenter/Network Support